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Hey all,

I've recently launched a new website:

It's something for now, I intend on creating a fresh site right at the domain [it's currently a splash page to lead to another site].  Please feel free to feedback! I'd love to know what you guys think :)
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4100 hits, thanks! :)

I'm finally done with YSDN, applied to a bunch of awards and hopefully will get some recognition. lots of fun times with exhibitions this past month or so, part of the Asian Heritage Month in Toronto.

Lotsa things going on and so much more ahead of me. let's go!
so...what do you lovely people out there do when you know you have to get a move on with something (projects or otherwise) and you just really don't want to / can't get started?
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starting soon, I'm going to be at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) as a summer assistant graphic designer.  just for the summer, but it's still great!  I'm excited, can't you tell?
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sadly, my posters did not get selected by Applied Arts, but I suppose it was a good experience just entering.  And I would've regreted it had I not tried.

Point is, people seem to like the posters, and they seem to get the message across in the impactful way I had intended.

Cheers for all the hits and the favourites!

On another note, now that I've reached yet another merciful break from school work, watch out for John Anthony Frusciante appearing in my work, and of course, some sketches as I need to brush up on some human anat.  =)

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i submitted my child abuse posters to Applied Arts, for their "Get Noticed" student competition.

Wish me luck =)
so this Christmas break, I'm thinking I'll go creatively nuts and do a bunch of paintings of Mr. Frusciante.  I've already picked out a bunch of shots I want to use as inspiration and I think it's fitting to use red on black, or just white on Black.  Either way, keep your eyes peeled =D
hehe, i've noticed a trend in recent deviations.  anyone else notice it?  haha.